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"Vinum Non Habent"
John 2:3-4

"They don't have wine"

This were the words Our Lady said to Jesus, her son, at the Canaa weddings, as it is reported in the Gospel of John.

This words became my motto, because nowadays we are running out of "wine". Society has been struggling and we need the eye of Our Lady and the miracles of Our Lord.

Also, when we pray the Letanies of Loreto, we say of blessed Virgin Mary: heaven's door.

Well, In Canaa of Galilee, She, one and definitive more time, opened the doors to heaven, to show how much mercy there was there.

She has the eye of the mother whom, before it was even a concern for the others, she already knew the couple's struggles to come, she is observant, when we and our beloved, are "running out of wine", I mean, the spiritual wine and the material means.

And in a more concrete way, when our brothers and sisters are in need, She is always looking after us.

And when her motherly eyes is set on us, Jesus will also be looking at us..

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