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I am a lay Dominican from the fraternity in Oslo, Norway. 
 I am originally from Venezuela but I set my nest in Norway
I am married and I have a dog, Tito.
I am a journalist, media producer and I like to write poetry and fictional stories.
So this is one of my two blogs. Here is where I am sharing reflections, mostly in English, about my impressions about daily struggles and experiences, where the presence and friendship of God is tangible, in short words, real in my life.
This texts are written under a Catholic perspective, and they don't try to prove erudite knowledge, only a personal sharing about my faith.
And, since English is not my first language, please excuse me, if you find some failures of grammar or spelling.
There will be some texts written in my bad Norwegian and some more in Spanish, my mother language.  
Thanks in advance for reading my blog. 

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