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  • By Flor Santamaría

Beautiful thing is to pray

For a brother,

For a sister,

Inspiration from God,

For one, another.

Infinite good is God, who impulse the self to execute such genuine intentions, as pure love He is.

Because I alone am hard rock, my heart a cliff where He finds support to break the waves of His living water.

Perhaps, after all the years, days or hours I remain to live,

I could surrender and become permeable to His Grace.

Maybe, after the constant clashes of that wave that urges to go through me,

I would finally open as a cave and allow Him to flood it all,

With His eternal love,

Now and here. Forever.

For the sake of love,

It is mandatory.

It is necessary, to die from been hard as a rock,

To reborn in His meekness,

as a foam.

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