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  • By Flor Santamaría


I adore You,

My one and only God,

In the salty waters of the ocean.

I adore You,


In the rain,

Falling over the sea, I adore You.

In the communion of those waters,

Constant kiss,

Of the potent showers

And the impatient sea.

I adore You,

In the blessed cold drop,

Running down my warm, sunned skin,

In the shock of temperatures, awareness is produced.

Truthfulness awaking,

A tide,

A yeast, a certainty


In me.

Because I am wicked dust,

And the moist of Your wonders,

Could transform my dryness into mud.

Ultimate wish,

To be molded into a useful vase

Of yours.

You, make me human, from foot to head,

As human you became,

With myself, I adore You,

Glorify You in the creation,

Every single...



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